Reid Air Publications was born in 2005 to address a lack of updated books that detail modern military aviation. There are thousands of books that cover the F-15, A-10, F-4, F-16, etc, but most of them are at least ten to twenty years old and rather obsolete. Furthermore, they use dated technology and rely on black and white printing, among other limitations of their time. We thought it was time for some updated titles, using digital photography and modern color printing techniques. Our titles delve into the very last nook and cranny of the machine and the operations, making Reid Air Publications an industry leader, and the mark from which to measure all competitors.

Speed Hunter Graphics was added to the Reid Air Publications line in October 2013. We are here to provide the highest quality, most realistic, well-researched, and easy to apply decals currently available anywhere on the market. Although only recently branched off from Reid Air Publications, you can be sure that we'll be growing very rapidly, offering a wide variety of markings choices for your little scale work of art.

With books and decals, this site has the research material and the finishing touches to help you learn more about your military and build that masterpiece!