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Big-Scale Red Devil Centennial
Big-Scale Red Devil Centennial
Our Price: $9.95

Designed for the Trumpeter 1/32 A-10 kit, this sheet depicts the A-10C painted in July 2017 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 107th Fighter Squadron. Includes full stencil and ejection seat markings.

SALE!!!! $9.95
Snub-nosed USAF Phantoms
Snub-nosed USAF Phantoms
Our Price: $12.95

A sheet dedicated to the mighty 1/32 Tamiya C/D Phantom. Printed by Cartograf!

Options include markings for four Phantoms, including stencil details for one jet. Bonus decals include Squadron and Wing/Group patches for aircrew figures.

Phantoms include

-F-4D 66-7765, 906th Tactical Fighter Group, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Decals include both types of nose art and flags to depict the jet as it appeared at the London Air Show in June 1988 or Dayton Air Show in July 1988.

-F-4C 64-0748, 188TFG, Arkansas ANG, 1989. Don Spering nose art. MiG killer. Hill Gray I camo.

-F-4D 66-7661, 113TFG DC ANG, 1987. MiG killer. Euro 1 camo.

-F-4D 66-7745, 187TFG, Alabama ANG, 1988. Euro 1 camo.

SALE!!!! $9.00
ANG ADC Gray Phantoms
ANG ADC Gray Phantoms
Our Price: $12.95

A second sheet dedicated to the 1/32 Tamiya C/D Phantom. Markings options include four Phantoms in the striking ADC Gray paint scheme.

Decals printed by Cartograf.

1) F-4C 63-0589, 191FIG, Michigan ANG, 1979

2) F-4C 64-0776, 142FIG, Oregon ANG, 1984. Triple MiG-killer, plus two additional QF-100 kills obtained during William Tell '84

3) F-4D 64-0973, 119FIG, North Dakota ANG, 1981. Royal Canadian Air Force 'zap' over USAF insignia.

4) F-4D 64-0976, 119FIG, North Dakota ANG, 1989. "Abigail" artwork.

Big-Scale Phantom Stencils
Big-Scale Phantom Stencils
Our Price: $19.95

Finally, a sheet of Phantom stencils for the post-Vietnam era!! This sheet provides stencil, warning, and caution decals for all USAF Phantoms in SEA wraparound, Euro 1, and Hill I/II paint schemes. Includes decals specific to F-4C, F-4D, F-4E, F-4G, and RF-4C. Bonus markings include decals for inboard weapons pylons and outboard external fuel tanks.
Big-Scale Supers
Big-Scale Supers
Our Price: $19.95

Finally a sheet dedicated to the 1/32 F/A-18E & F Super Hornet!

Options include

166663 VFA-213 CAG May 2015
166682 VFA-213 USS George H. W. Bush July 2017
168912 VFA-87 USS George H. W. Bush July 2017

166850 VFA-41 Gulf of Sidra commemorative jet June 2015
168493 VFA-103 75th Anniversary December 2017

Big-Scale Early Phantom stencils
Big-Scale Early Phantom stencils
Our Price: $19.95

These are going to be tedious to apply, but they will look great on your SEA-painted Phantom!

Each of these maintenance stencil decals were drawn from actual photos of actual aircraft. In many cases, the same markings on the real jets were white against
green paint and black against tan paint, depending on each jet's individual paint pattern. Where differences in paint patterns occurred, we've supplied the marking in black AND white. In addition, multiple versions of common stencils such as Rescue arrows and ejection seat triangles are included to allow the modeler to depict a wide variety of unique aircraft.

This sheet has specific markings for the F-4C, F-4D, F-4E, F-4G, and RF-4C. 16 pages of instructions are included to ensure accurate location and application for all variants.

Big-Scale Vipers
Big-Scale Vipers
Our Price: $24.95

This sheet is sized for the Tamiya 1/32 Viper. All jets on this sheet are Block 40, 42, 50, or 52, so the Tamiya CJ kit is going to be the basis. Some options on this sheet will require some swapping with the Thunderbirds kit to get the correct engine/intake combo or get one of the aftermarket offerings available, such as GT Resins.

Options include
1) Block 52 92-3911, 169th Fighter Wing, SCANG, 50th Anniversary Wild Weasels, August 2015
2) Block 52 93-0545, 169th Fighter Wing, SCANG, 5th Gen Have Glass paint, April 2015
3) Block 50 98-0005, 85th Test & Evaluation Squadron, 53rd Wing, Eglin AFB, 5th Gen Have Glass paint, February 2012
4) Block 50 91-0382, 522nd Fighter Squadron, 27th Fighter Wing, Cannon AFB, NM, February 2007
5) Block 50 91-0336, 148th Figther Wing, MNANG, 5th Gen Have Glass paint, July 2014
6) Block 50 90-0805, 13th Fighter Squadron, 35th Ops Group flagship, Misawa AB, Japan, April 2012
7) Block 40 89-2124, 150th Fighter Wing, NMANG, Kirtland AFB, NM, January 2003
8) Block 42 89-2082, 180th Fighter Wing, OHANG, Toledo, Ohio, 5th Gen Have Glass paint, November 2015
9) Block 40 89-2105, 114th Fighter Wing, SDANG, Sioux Falls, SD, June 2015
10) Block 40 89-2003, 347th Wing flagship, Moody AFB, GA, September 1998

Big Scale Eagles
Big Scale Eagles
Our Price: $24.95

Sized for the relatively-ignored Tamiya F-15, this 1/32 sheet includes options for one of eight Eagles. Stencils are included for one F-15C and one F-15E, so two jets can be built from this single sheet.

Options include:

1) F-15C 78-0494, 65th Aggressor Squadron, Nellis AFB, May 2013 *splinter Camo flagship!!!*
2) F-15C 84-0014, 144th Fighter Wing, Fresno, California, November 2013 *144th Fighter Wing flagship/MiG killer*
3) F-15C 78-0504, 144th Fighter Wing, Fresno, California, January 2016 *former 65th AGRS jet in blue camo/144th Ops Group flagship*
4) F-15C 78-0480, 144th Fighter Wing, Fresno, California, January 2016 *former 65th AGRS jet in brown camo*
5) F-15C 85-0102, 58th Fighter Squadron, 33rd Fighter Wing, Eglin AFB, Florida, October 2004 *33rd Fighter Wing flagship/3 MiG kills*
6) F-15C 85-0114, 44th Fighter Squadron, 18th Wing, Kadena AB, Japan, June 2013 *44th Fighter Squadron flagship/2 MiG kills*
7) F-15E 89-0487, 335th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Wing, Bagram AB, Afghanistan, January 2012 *335th Fighter Squadron flagship/1 Helo kill/10,000 hours special
8) F-15E 86-0188, 40th Flight Test Squadron, 96th Test Wing, Eglin AFB, Florida, October 2014 *40th FLTS flagship

Other markings include decals for ejection seats and targeting pods

Big-Scale Hogs
Big-Scale Hogs
Our Price: $24.95

Finally a sheet designed for the impressive Trumpeter A-10. This sheet contains extensive markings and stencil details for two complete jets (one each in two-tone gray or earlier Euro 1 paint schemes). Additional stencils are included for the LITENING targeting pod carried by ANG and AFRC jets, as well as ejection seat decals. Printed by Cartograf in Italy.

Markings options include a staggering 15 jets!

1) A-10A 77-0205, 926TFG New Orleans, Operation Desert Storm 1991, nose art on both sides of nose. 'Chopper Popper'
2) A-10C 78-0633, 124FW, Idaho ANG, Operation Inherent Resolve, December 2016 Massive amount of mission markings.
3) A-10A 78-0642, 104FW, Massachusetts ANG, 131st Fighter Squadron flagship, December 2005, Iraqi Freedom mission markings
4) A-10A 79-0136, 926FW New Orleans, Operation Enduring Freedom, April 2005
5) A-10A 79-0158, 354FW Myrtle Beach AFB, SC, Operation Desert Storm 1991
6) A-10C 79-0189, 74FS, 23Wg, Moody AFB, GA, May 2016
7) A-10C 81-0953, 74FS, 23Wg, Moody AFB, GA, Operation Enduring Freedom 2012
8) A-10A 81-0964, 74FS, 23Wg, Moody AFB, GA, March 2006 Helo Killer
9) A-10A 81-0964, 21FS, 363FW, Shaw AFB, SC, 1993 Helo killer
10) A-10A 81-0964 21FS, 507ACW, Shaw AFB SC, 1992 507th Air Control Wing flagship Helo Killer
11) A-10C 80-0265, 127Wg, Michigan ANG, 127th Wing flagship May 2016
12) A-10C 81-0975, 127wg, Michigan ANG, Operation Inherent Resolve November 2015 Massive amount of mission markings
13) A-10C 81-0992, 81FS Spangdahlem AB, Germany, led final 4-ship from Spang, May 2013
14) A-10A 82-0646, 103FW, Connecticut ANG, September 2005 Iraqi Freedom mission markings
Big Scale Weasels
Big Scale Weasels
List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $24.95

Phantom decals designed for the Revell F-4G kit, but also will work with Tamiya Phantoms with an aftermarket F-4G conversion. Includes marking options for 12 F-4G Wild Weasels, from every Wing to have flown the F-4G.

1) 69-7208 563TFS 35TFW, May 1979 "City of Victorville/Sweet Sixteen" nose art SEA scheme
2) 69-7235 563TFS 35TFW, MiG killer, October 1980 SEA scheme
3) 69-0270 563TFS 37TFW, March 1982, 37TFW flagship, SEA scheme
4) 69-7210 90TFS 3TFW, June 1981 SEA scheme
5) 69-7211 90TFS 3TFW, May 1983, SEA wraparound scheme
6) 69-0249 90TFS, 3TFW, October 1990, Hill II scheme
7) 69-7579 81TFS, 52TFW, May 1981, SEA scheme
8) 69-0250 480TFS, 52TFW, June 1987 SEA wraparound scheme
9) 69-7268 81TFS, 52TFW, July 1987, Euro 1 scheme
10) 69-7582, 7440th CW, March 1991 Operation Desert Storm
11) 69-7232, 561FS, 57FW, January 11, 1996, final F-4G combat mission
12) 69-0298, 190FS, 124Wg, April 20, 1996, final F-4G flight