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The Modern Super Hornet Guide: The Boeing F/A-18E/F & EA-18G Exposed

Nearly 1,000 (969 to be exact) color images spread over 168 pages illustrate the definitive resource material on the US Navy's premier strike aircraft. Like any other Modern Guide Series book, no area of the jet is left unexamined. Covers F-18E/F models, as well as the new EA-18G Growler!! Includes airframe history, active Super Hornet squadrons, Airwing work-ups, carrier operations, and a LOT more.

Permanently SOLD OUT!!!!
Bases of the World, Volume 1: Kadena Air Base
Our Price: $10.95

Take an insider's look at arguably one of the most strategic US bases anywhere in the world. Kadena AB, on the Japanese island of Okinawa, is home to the largest combat wing in the world, as well as numerous visiting aircraft from branches of the US military. From F-15s, to AV-8B Harriers, and from C-5s to C-130s, and everything in between, this giant base is never quiet. This book, the first in a series, is 130 pages, filled with stunning air-air and action photography, all printed on glossy paper in beautiful full color. This book is a must-have for anyone's book shelf.
The Scale Hornet: A Modeler's Guide to Building the F/A-18
Our Price: $19.95

After a couple years of hard work, Pete 'Pig' Fleischmann has completed his follow-up to The Scale Viper. Like he did with the Viper book, Mr. Fleischmann has enlisted the help of several of the master modelers from around the world to show tips, tricks, and techniques for creating the perfect model of the Hornet & Super Hornet. As an added bonus, there are also chapters on how to photograph your models, how to build an in-flight display, and a Hornet FAQ. The Scale Viper sold out in less than a year, so order your copy of The Scale Hornet now to ensure your copy of this marvel.

The Scale Viper: A Modeler's Guide to Building the F-16
Our Price: $19.95

Featuring 104 pages of tips and techniques to help any model builder perfect his F-16 replica, this book was written by a former F-16 pilot to help other modelers learn the intracacies of the Viper in model form. The author is known the world over for his talents when it comes to model building, and now his tricks are in book form! Included is a section on painting/weathering, understanding reference material as it pertains to the F-16 (Viper FAQ), an F-16 kit round-up of available kits, and models built by other modelers in all three common scales to show what can be done with any kit in the right hands.

This book sold out in a very short time nearly five years ago, and this re-issue is in very limited numbers. Don't miss out a second time!

A-10 Thunderbolt II: 21st Century Warthog
Our Price: $20.95

21st Century Warthog is a 'right now' look at the A-10A/C as it is being put to the test by continuous combat operations. The author, Neil Dunridge, traveled the world to document each of the remaining squadrons that flies the A-10, telling the story of the men, women, and machines that are doing the great work on the Global War on Terror and beyond. This book captures the Hog in its environment, be it at home in the United States during peacetime or in Afghanistan flying combat missions. Photos include air-air, combat ops, weapons, and much, much more. Its 180 pages of full color photos and text take the reader inside the squadron and cockpit, relaying what it is like to work around this awesome machine.
The Viper Story, Part I: F-16s of the Air National Guard
List Price: $42.95
Our Price: $10.00
Sale Price: $25.00
Savings: $32.95

This photo-heavy book details the operational history of the F-16 in service with the Air National Guard. Every unit that has ever flown the Viper in Guard service is covered, showing the early F-16A/B days right up to 2007, including the many squadrons that have now been resigned to the history books (this history book!). Over 600 photos, including combat operations, air-air, nose art, mission markings, and more. With complete unit histories.

F-16.net says, "Jake Melampy's book on the F-16 is the Air National Guard has to be, in my opinion, the most comprehensive book on the subject to date, even more so than any magazine or journal that I have ever seen. This book will have appeal for an enthusiast, military historian, or anyone who is around the F-16............. This is the kind of book you will want to keep in good condition and make sure your hands are clean before it is handled."

--Jon Somerville, editor, www.f-16.net
The Viper Story, Part II: Test & Training F-16s
List Price: $42.95
Our Price: $10.00
Sale Price: $25.00
Savings: $32.95

The follow-on to The Viper Story, Part I, this hard-bound book details the F-16 as used by USAF squadrons that perform testing and/or training duties. Featured Wings include the prestigious USAF Weapons School at Nellis AFB, Nevada; the famous Aggressor squadrons from Eielson AFB, Alaska and Nellis AFB, Nevada; the 412th Test Wing at Edwards AFB, California; 53rd Wing at Eglin AFB, Florida; 56th Fighter Wing, Luke AFB, Arizona; and three training squadrons with the Air National Guard (Ohio, Texas, and Arizona).
The EARLY Viper Guide: The F-16A/B Exposed
Our Price: $29.95

After 30 years of service, there is FINALLY a book that thoroughly covers the early F-16 variants. 1009 full-color photos spread over 196 pages, The Early Viper Guide takes the familiar theme from other titles in The Modern Guide series and directs attention to the A/B models of the F-16. All A/B variants are extremely well-documented, including the Block 1, 5, 10, 15, 15 ADF, 15 OCU, 20, and the F-16 MLU. USAF, US Navy, and export versions are covered.
The Modern SLUF Guide: The A-7 Corsair II Exposed
Our Price: $30.95

The Modern Guide series is aimed primarily at scale modelers wishing to get the details just right on their scale masterpiece. Each book in this series is exhaustively researched and documented, with nearly 1,000 full-color images images taken from in-service aircraft rather than museum pieces or even airshow displays, thus representing the aircraft exactly as they appear on a typical flying day. These photos, coupled with descriptions of the aircraft systems, weaponry, and upgrades/modifications, and even flight characteristics, result in an uncomparable reference book.

The Modern SLUF Guide is 184 pages, featuring 936 full-color images of every imaginable part of the A-7. Typical of any book in the Modern Guide series, it covers the cockpits, radar, landing gear, engine, ordnance, and all facets of the airframe with heavy emphasis on open panels and maintenance photos for the model builders. US Navy, USAF, and Greek jets are covered, including A-7C, A-7D, A-7E, A-7H, TA-7C, and A-7K.


The Modern Hornet Guide: The Boeing F/A-18A/B/C/D Exposed
Our Price: $35.95

1024 full-color images, spread over 204 pages, illustrate the most recent title in the famous Modern Guide series. The Modern Hornet Guide represents the definitive resource material on all versions of the 'Legacy' Hornets, from the earliest F/A-18A, up to and including the 'Night Attack' F/A-18D in use with the US Marine Corps and Royal Malaysian Air Force. Heavy emphasis is placed on export versions of the jet which feature unit items, such as those Hornets flown by the Canadian and Australian air forces. However, the other nations that operate the Hornet are not forgotten. Of course, full coverage of the US Navy's Hornets is included, as is the often-overlooked US Marine Corps Hornets.